Welcome to Partner Smart!

Welcome to Partner Smart, the latest initiative of Marchon Partners.  We want to share our experiences as partners to enable you, as employers, employees and consumers to become strong human capital managers. We will offer you our take on the latest industry trends, highlight vacant jobs, profile members of our team and, most importantly, invite you into the conversation to share about the human experience at work. Thank you in advance for your readership and participation!

As a human capital management firm, Marchon Partners sees continuous growth due to the success of client partnerships. Our team helps clients understand and overcome their human capital challenges through tailored solutions. We learn about each organization’s unique structure, culture, and pain points to best work together.

Now Business Intelligence (NBI), an information strategies and software solutions firm, partnered with us to identify candidates after other firms failed to deliver. We delivered candidates whose technical skills and cultural fit filled more than 15 full-time roles. By immersing ourselves in their developing business, we understood the company’s goals, both short and long term, and developed clear solutions to realize and exceed these objectives.

Another client, Monotype, provides typefaces, technology and expertise for creative applications and consumer devices. Their company’s rapid growth over-extended their HR team. We developed a Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO) program with onsite, dedicated professionals to source the right candidates, brand recruiting efforts and optimize the client’s digital presence. In 2014, our program filled more than 25 full-time roles. The RPO saved the company thousands of dollars in placement fees to agencies and retained search firms.

Both NBI and Monotype became key clients because we solidified their organizational growth with strong human capital solutions.

As we communicate the experience at work, please fuel the discussion with your struggles and successes. Describe how your business succeeds through best practices! The comment feature below allows you control the conversation. Additionally, we’d like to encourage you to engage with us on social media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn afford each of us the opportunity to drive important conversations forward. Please engage with us in these digital spaces.

Thanks again for your interest in our work and we look forward to enhancing yours.

Partner Smart and work hard,

Eric and Dan

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