Communication during the interview process

Hiring managers report feedback to us, as recruiters, after every interview. For better or worse, they always address candidates’ communication skills. I want to highlight three tactics for candidates in the midst of the interview process. You need to understand how to impress hiring managers with strong communication.

First, articulate your identity, experience and ideas. Think about how you communicate with a hiring manager. Candidates who distinguish themselves go into an interview with a message of “I” and “my.” Why? Because managers want to know about you, your skill set, not your teams’ skills that worked on a group’s project. Stick to, “I lead this project” and “my role on that project was.” Don’t rely on others experience; rather, speak to your expertise. This separates you from other candidates and most certainly improves your chances of landing the job.

Second, building rapport is another very important element of communication. Rapport builds long-term relationships quickly, earning others’ trust and confidence.  You, as a candidate, can naturally leverage this powerful tool in an interview. This makes you memorable to the hiring manager as an outgoing, contributing person. Regardless of whether or not your interviews go well, remember that a close relationship premised on mutual understanding helps you in the long run and might lead to opportunities in the future.

Last, remember nonverbal communication in an interview setting. The first sign of a strong candidate is eye contact and body language. Interviewers cite these mistakes most among candidates: 67% fail to make eye contact and 38% lacked a smile. Present yourself with an excited, positive presence. Managers and others you might meet during the interview process appreciate this tone. It sets you apart and relaxes a seemingly tense interview situation.

I hope that you will incorporate these elements in your personal presentation. Every candidate’s experience varies, but these techniques will make you memorable beyond the technical skills a manager might want to see.


My name is Tyler Poisson and I’m a technical recruiter at Marchon Partners in Boston. I am new to the industry and graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in the spring of 2014. For the past six months, I have learned many things about recruiting that I never anticipated.

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