Call to Action this Spring from Michael Huling

Our recruiter and staffing consultant extraordinaire, Michael Huling, offers words of professional encouragement as we begin spring today. Enjoy the change of season and get to work!


Congratulations Boston, we did it! We broke the record for the most snow in a winter. I hoped for it. We managed to survive this brutal winter for what?  To be second best?  I don’t think so.  We worked from home a lot. Public “Transportation” abandoned us for weeks. In Boston, we jumped from our balconies into 100 feet snow piles. We spent months in the negative temperatures amid the worst winter in history. No thanks, New England. You ruined our professional mojos.

It happens. We forget our professional goals, lose motivation to work out, eat pizza four days in a row, and sleep in 30 minutes when we’re frightened to feel the blistering cold. Simply put, we lose touch with our routine. Recommit this spring.

It’s important to reestablish your regiments come spring time after our gloomy winter. Think of all the fun we will be having at the beach in July. Let’s get there. Once you start getting back on track, things fall into place. From my point of view, it’s time to shed your winter weight and focus on driving your business forward again. Small goals snowball (excuse the pun) into bigger and better things, but it takes time.

How many times do you push things off for “tomorrow” because you want to get home to sit on your couch in sweats? It’s finally tomorrow. Put your big boy pants on and get to work.

If you want a new job, get that resume together and start looking. Been at the same, stale job for years? Don’t see yourself going anywhere in the near future? It might be time to make that jump. I know, as a recruiter, our clients are starting to orchestrate new and exciting initiatives. We have an influx in job openings and this year looks more promising than ever. From business intelligence solutions, application upgrades and reporting platform migrations, changing technologies demand qualified people like you. Companies are hiring our consultants for exciting jobs every day so get involved!

Let’s get it. God Speed. Cheers!

Life is short, don’t sip.


2 thoughts on “Call to Action this Spring from Michael Huling

  1. Nicole Rothenberg says:

    Come to SUNNY South Florida where you feel guilty if you’re not doing something because it so beautiful all the time!! We’d love to have you!!!


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