Improve your Digital Outlook and Transform Your Career



Caught in professional challenges wondering about how to advance your career?  You should evaluate your digital footprint, invite others to learn about you and work to grow your contacts through social networking.

Unfortunately, you, like so many others, lack the time to network and actively advance your career… think again! You can advance your career by speaking online in the right places. By participating in online communities, you become more available to recruiters, colleagues, hiring managers and business partners online.

You know the Internet well if you’re reading this blog. You shop here. You gather news here. You share your life here. But think how organizations across every industry leverage this resource to find strong professionals!

Here are four actionable items for you to optimize your efforts online:

First, join social networks that align with your interests and career goals. LinkedIn and Twitter, in particular, lend well to business. Other digital spaces exist across industries. Software engineers converse on Github. Designers use Behance, Dribble and Meetup. These represent only a few online communities. Discover and engage with others who share ideas with you.

A brief note on Facebook, the world’s largest social network: while some label this platform as personal, you should know that according to new research 60% of recruiters consider Facebook as a source of relevant information about a candidate. Revisit your profile and ensure it doesn’t reflect negatively on you.

Second, post frequently. As you begin to develop relationships online and participate in conversations, remember that a human experience fuels the Internet. People don’t connect with dormant accounts, as they don’t maintain friendships with those they don’t speak with regularly. With a little time each week, one post on LinkedIn and three tweets on Twitter expose you to a large group.

Third, post accurately. In our human experience, you can’t maintain a relationship without honesty. I see qualifications exaggerated or, worse, fabricated on LinkedIn profiles regularly. Nothing frustrates our recruiters more than wasting time with candidates who misrepresents themselves online. Nothing frustrates me personally than wasting time reading false information. Tell the truth.

Last, share your resume in places firms look for qualified candidates like you! Most human capital firms and human resource teams identify strong candidates from credentials listed on submitted resumes. If you’re hoping to advance your career, submit your resume to Marchon Partners and enable our recruiting team to find a great role for you.

Best of luck to you as you advance your career through digital communities! If you need content to share in a post, we’d love to help you get started. Share this blog post and tell us what social networks you participate in at @MarchonPartners!


Timothy McGuirk leads corporate communication at Marchon Partners. He studies public relations at Boston University’s College of Communication and will graduate in May 2015. Follow him on Twitter @mcguirkt and Intragram @timothymcguirk.

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