Marchon Myth Busters: Look at Staffing Through a New Lens


I read an article last week offering reasons not to use recruiting firms such as Marchon Partners.

The author claims that staffing firms misrepresent their client’s organizational identity, compromise the candidate screening process as they frantically submit less than ideal candidates and recruiters abuse their relationships with candidates. While these points may seem compelling, I’d like to help you, as a decision maker or candidate, understand why these arguments don’t hold water.

Marchon Partners help business achieve sustained growth because we find the best candidates through our proven process. We cultivate relationships with candidates who add value in organizations as contractors and permanent employees. After a critical screening and joint interview process in collaboration with the client, hiring managers make informed decisions around how to bolster their professional teams with our people. Our process, professional network and principles distinguish us and prevent these stereotypes from characterizing our firm.

  1. Mixed messaging in your professional market place

As many organizations seek out strong candidates, they struggle to manage their ongoing responsibilities as a human resource team. They decide to engage multiple agencies that complete the search process offering strong candidates for each required role. These firms leverage their existing network and experience to fill jobs with stronger professionals more quickly than an in-house team. The program works well when clients and firms partner well.

Unfortunately, when teams do not communicate the company’s culture, mission or job requirements, sometimes vendors confuse candidates with mixed messages. When you employ agencies as a business leader, you need to enable them to shape market perceptions about your company on your terms, not what they selectively choose to say.

At Marchon Partners, we manage vendor relationships for many of our clients. We overcome the pitfalls described above by regularly hosting organizational briefs focusing on the client’s identity and new job requirements. Gathering everyone together and projecting one, cohesive voice sets the expectations for everyone and ensures that candidates hear the one story. In our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Programs, we guard the client’s brand integrity and work tirelessly to identify the best talent.

  1. Race to beat other firms in the candidate pool

The author alleges that recruiting firms pull from the same pool of talent in their search, rush candidates through screenings and submit them whimsically without any real confidence in their abilities and experiences. This is wrong.

First, recruiters draw on their personal networks developed over years of work in a market. Independent of their current firm, most identify candidates through who they know. Successful recruiters use references and social media to expand their reach, each being unique to the individual person. Firms and individual recruiters swim in different oceans based on their backgrounds.

Second, shoving candidates onto a client solves little for the agency and client. Fruitless repetition of the search process wastes time and money for everyone. Does it happen in this industry? Yes, because many firms drool for deals. They submit anyone under the sun for a job because they cannot sustain an organized network of candidates for their clients. Our professional compass demands more. We work to manage a pipeline full of strong candidates and avoid a culture that hinges on a one-hit-wonder. What do I mean? Here at Marchon Partners, we identify multiple strong candidates capable of success in the role. Building this tool mitigates our dependence on the one “dream” person who we encounter by chance during the search. Our long term relationships drive our sourcing process.

  1. “Candidates frequently have a low opinion of recruiters.”

While this remains true in our industry, this should not deter you from partnering with the right firm. Our firm works tirelessly to overcome this perception long affirmed by terrible recruiters. These recruiters make mistakes without any regard for the candidate’s career and reputation. For example, some submit candidates’ CVs to their current employer compromising their confidentiality while they search for a new opportunity. This ruins their professional relationships and makes things very uncomfortable in their current situation.

We use a little tool called common sense to cultivate strong relationships. Few firms seem to have it but with some hard work, candidates trust and, in some cases rely on Marchon Partners to find their next opportunity. We only pressure our team to find the best candidates for our clients. Candidates can engage with us knowing that we want only to find their next path to advance their careers. No pressure, just a conversation. We want to transform a deeply rooted stereotype with our proven success for candidates and clients.

The question should not be “should I hire a recruiting firm?”, but “what recruiting firm can help bolster my organization through their resources and management expertise?”


Timothy McGuirk serves as the Director of Marketing Communication at Marchon Partners. He studied public relations at Boston University’s College of Communication. Follow him on Twitter @mcguirkt and Intragram @timothymcguirk.

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