Leveraging Video Conferencing in the Hiring Process


Video conferencing continues to gain mass popularity. Tools like FaceTime and Skype enable you to speak face-to-face with anyone in the world as long as they have an Internet connection. My relationships benefit from this tool especially with friends in Europe and relatives in different parts of the country. Can your business reap similar benefits during the hiring process from video conferencing?

Many roles in high demand today require companies to look beyond their immediate geographic areas to fill. In one area of our expertise, IT staffing, we frequently attract experienced candidates from near and far. Before this technology existed, to explore the possibility of employment, organizations would need to bring the candidate in person or screen them over the phone. The phone option leaves an incomplete picture of the candidate while the cost of a flight, hotel and expenses quickly erodes an HR team’s budget.

Video conferencing transforms the hiring process allowing firms to meet candidates, speak with them about the role, gage their interest and learn about their experience. You can quickly determine if the candidate aligns with your organizational culture based on how they present themselves and respond to your conversation. Video empowers you with more information about their body language that the technology makes visible. Verbal and nonverbal communication cues help inform your decision to pursue the candidate further.

Sounds interesting, even cutting edge? Unfortunately, if this blog is exciting you about video conferencing for the first time, the numbers suggest that you’re late to the game… Nearly three quarters of businesses employ a video interview strategy to engage candidates. Yes, three quarters but don’t fret. This means the technology works well as a proven concept and candidates expect a video component of the hiring cycle. You can quickly introduce this without technical issues or unfamiliarity among job seekers. Another tactic that you can implement to attract top talent is creative video content. While fewer firms (only one quarter statistically) make videos about their organization, these excite prospective candidates and invite them into your working environment.

Why does video matter in the professional life? Because it mitigates geographical differences in the hiring process, distinguishes you from the pack with your viral videos that tell your firm’s story and appeals to the next generation of workers who you need to sustain company growth. As the next working generation immerges, you can leverage sensory appeals and heighten their curiosity about your firm. These tactics will help you build a strong pipeline of candidates and excite the best talent.

As a candidate, look out for our video tips to help you garner attention from recruiters and drive your career forward.

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