Summer Swells: Reinvigorating Your Life at Work Today


The summer brings lots of professional interruptions. People vacation. Kids lounge around the house, head out to camps and forget their old classrooms. Our cubicles seem like cells as we gaze out the office window to the bright summer day. Pinning people down for meetings… forget it! We all can struggle to get the job done.

As August draws to a close, we need to encourage our colleagues to exceed their Q3 objectives. How can we do that? How can we motivate ourselves? Embrace this seasonal transition, recommit to exceeding our goals and contribute to our organizations success.

During this time of year, I find it most helpful to remember three points: First, people at work genuinely enjoy you and suffer from the same fatigue. Second, those people want you to succeed. Last, they need your unique contribution to win great results in the company.

You all know what I mean with the first. Certain times of the year bring motivational challenges for everyone in the office. Summer and Christmas, for me, require extra initiative to get work done. My colleagues talk about their slow points in the year too. During these times, everyone discovers an organization’s true culture. Do teammates push one another to get the job done? Do individuals force themselves to buckle down and work hard?

Encouragement from coworkers helps in difficult times. Teamwork begins with a positive office environment where people feel empowered and bolstered by those around them. Asking someone how their day is going or what they’re working on might seem nosey; however, if asked with the intention of accountability, your colleagues know that you care, appreciate your good will and, as part of the second point above, recognize that their added value matters. Another factor, helping people know they’re needed, helps motivate in a different way. People recognize that if they do not complete good work, everyone suffers. Their motivation stems in a desire to do well by others in the company or face the consequences of lackluster results.

After embracing the challenge of transition, we can recommit to those business goals that sometimes fall by the way side. Self-examination during slow points of the year allows us to appreciate our wins and think critically about professional areas we struggle with. Take this opportunity to think about how you can do things more effectively as work accelerates in September.

Last and most important, get involved and add value in your company today. Enough of ‘tomorrow’ or “Oh, it’ll wait until September to get done…” Focus today on accomplishing concrete action items and build long-term momentum. After taking time to understand the status of current projects, you can honestly plan strategically for the remainder of the year.

Here’s a final challenge: accomplish five meaningful tasks every day. Here’s my day so far as a guide:

  1. Ordered, picked up and delivered a new office key for an employees desk
  2. Composed a company social media update
  3. Addressed outstanding emails from my vacation last week
  4. Crafted this blog post
  5. Studied industry trends related to the Affordable Care Act and its impact on human capital management.

Take time each morning to plan your day. Guide your work with a strong plan and get involved in your organizations.

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