Information Gathering Matters: Help a Staffing Firm Help You

Information gathering solidifies the foundation of a client relationship in every industry. In talent management, we want to mimic the business information relationship with a clients’ advertising, legal and analyst teams. To succeed, staffing firms require business information beyond what’s written in the company’s boilerplate and job descriptions. They need to understand the business context to offer the best advice to clients and candidates. How do you succeed in the vendor onboarding process?

Often, staffing firms begin work with a hiring manager struggling for the right person to contribute to their team. At Marchon Partners, we meet in-person with members of the organization to gather the role’s requirements and the company’s context. Any submitted candidate must possess the skills required by the hiring manager; however, everyone forgets the just as important contextual fit. The organizational culture, the team’s personalities and the strategic objectives often don’t make the job description yet make all the difference in the hiring process.

As with advertising firms, staffing firms must grasp your organization’s goals and culture to target and attract the best talent. The initial client meetings enable your agency recruiting team to highlight your role’s impact, opportunity for growth and the day-to-day work. Describe your company’s mission (why you do what you do), explain your vision (how you plan to realize that mission) and offer as much as information about how you want candidates and external partners to perceive your brand. These surface elements orient staffing partners.

Like lawyers, staffing firms want to establish trust while understanding the details around your organization. We need as much business context as possible and the client’s trust hinges on privacy. We want to help you best manage your resources without fear of leaks and improper exposure. Critical information demands confidentiality. Like lawyers, staffing firms need to earn your confidence over time guarding your information and business plans.

Staffing firms work like analysts too. We gather information around your organization’s numbers including: locations, number of employees, budgets, contractor v. permanent employee breakdown, etc. This candid self-examination helps companies like Marchon Partners optimize your hiring process through consultation.

Tying these three pieces together, staffing firms will use your contextual and business information that you entrusted with confidence to market roles and win great candidates. Most of the necessary information will not come from the job description. Staffing agencies will leave more prepared if you provide them with as much information as possible. This exchange saves you time and money.

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