Serving those Who Put it All on the Line: Homes for Our Troops & Marchon Partners


On a beautiful summer afternoon, golfers met at the Walpole Country Club for the Fourth Annual Golf Classic to support Homes for Our Troops. The event raised funds to develop the organization’s initiatives around the country and introduced players to many of the disabled veterans (many of whom played) whose families directly benefit from their participation.

Homes for Our Troops (HFOT) serves those who sacrificed to protect American freedom around the world. The Massachusetts-based organization builds accessible homes with more than 40 adaptations tailored specifically to the needs of injured veterans. Today, nearly 200 families enjoy completed homes made collaboratively with excellent construction partners and world-class materials since 2004. More than 50 see their home taking shape in ongoing projects. 90 cents of every dollar invested in the grassroots program goes directly to veterans and their families.

In May 2012, leaders at Marchon Partners discovered HFOT. Hillary McNeill, a member of the Business Development Team, served as part of the committee to host an event at Charles River County Club. Meeting the heroes and raising $200,000 ignited an ongoing relationship. “When you have a chance to see a disabled veteran receive a house for their family equipped for their needs,” Hillary explains, “a feeling runs through your heart and soul that is like no other.”

Hillary continues to serve on the Golf Tournament committee while the company contributes to the mission of HFOT. In addition to financial contributions to increase the building efforts, Marchon Partners works actively to hire and place veterans. Internally, veterans compose more than 15% of the team. “Our experience with veterans and gratitude for their sacrifice motivates us to support HFOT,” Managing Partners Eric Marcheski and Dan Johnson said. “Leveraging their experience in some of the most difficult places in the world, these individuals enrich our team offering invaluable experience to others.”

One of Hillary’s favorite moments comes as families receive their brand new, fully equiped home. HFOT includes this message: “On behalf of freedom loving Americans… please accept this new home as a statement of our lasting appreciation for your service; our gratefulness for protecting our freedom and for answering your service; our gratefulness for protecting our freedom and for answering America’s Call to Duty. This home is not a gift; rather it is our duty as Americans to give you back the freedom that you fought so courageously for.”

For more information on HFOT and ways to become involved, please visit,

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